A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Short Description

Throne of Mithril is a tactics MMORPG with a big emphasis on co-op and PvE engagement.

Website - https://gatomalo.dev
Devlog - https://gatomalo.dev/tag/throne/


  • Teamwork Based - I want ToM to rely on players cooperating ,thus the game will include many co-op aiding features like voice communication and ally aim hinting.
  • Variety - Players would have a large variety of character classes to choose from.
  • Character Deck - New characters will be acquired by chance during encounters, through trading or as quest rewards and it would be up to the player to mix and match the optimal teams for each task.
  • PvE Emphasis - The game would have a challenging set of enemy encounters forcing the players to learn their behavior and come up with strategies and character setups to counter them.

Implemented Features

  • Enemy templates and engagement "playbooks"
  • Offensive and supportive ability and command semantics

  • Offensive and supportive enemies
  • Map panning
  • Casting semantics
  • AoE mechanics
  • Character affinity and ownership semantics
  • Network matchmaking, match authorization and synchronization
  • Panning


Thanks for taking a glance at my project 👌.
I would love any kind of feedback either here or on my blog

Install instructions

Just extract the file and run the executable, either tom or tom.exe.


tom-win64.zip 30 MB
tom-android.apk 38 MB
tom-linux64.zip 46 MB

Development log


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I think you should make your icons in a pixel style too, and the magic position select. Would fit the overall theme better. It looks a bit out of place as your characters and graphics and pixelated.

I agree.

Making them pixel-style would also go well with displaying them as a buff as now they are shrunk down and look even more out of place.

Eventually I'll replace those placeholder icons with something more crunchy and pixelated 💪.